Thursday, March 20, 2008

Social Networking

I have noticed a large number of my fellow security bloggers and Security Catalyst members participate in a few different social networking sites.  I have been reluctant to get involved with most of them because of what I see as their aims.  This is not a critique of others who have joined, I just wanted to share my thinking.
I am a member of LinkedIn and the Security Catalyst Community because of their focus on career and security.
I have avoided joining FaceBook and MySpace because I am 35 and married and can't really justify joining to myself.  And probably not to my wife either.  So if you come across someone claiming to be me on either of those sites and you don't see a post here that says that I have joined, don't believe that they are me.  I did have a friend get pranked by some coworkers of his that mad it appear as though he was involved in activities outside of his marriage, his wife recently was shown the page and did not take to the joke.  I think he is still sleeping on the couch and none of his coworkers are welcome at their home at the moment.
I am not on twitter because I think that it would take up a lot more of my time than I can really justify.
I don't want to put myself too far out there.  I am a fairly private person with people I do not know and I don't know more than 1% of the Internet. 
How will I manage to not share more than I need to:
  1. I will not share anything that I am not comfortable telling my mother or my daughter
  2. I will not join sites that do not have some direct connection to my business life
  3. I will not lie or misrepresent myself to others
  4. I will take what others say about me with a grain of salt and will ignore things said by people I do not know.
  5. I will always reread before I post.
  6. I will apologize if I have said something inaccurate or incorrect.  I will not apologize for disagreeing.
Those are some basic guidelines for myself, if I come up with others that I am willing to share I will post them.  Take them or leave them, but please think before your post

Be safe