Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let's see where the carriers go with this

PC World has an article about a company called TapRoot that has developed a product that will allow users with 3G mobile devices to create a mobile hot spot using their phone. The main emphasis of the article is that it will be really easy to set up the WiFi connection on the phone to connect to the laptop.

I have one real problems with the assertion it will be easy to set up as compared to other methods of using your phone to connect.

I have a Windows Mobile device and I use it to connect to the Internet on a fairly regular basis. The hardest part about setting it up was finding the ActiveSync install CD for my laptop. All I need to do get to the Internet is connect the phone with a USB cable, allow it to finish syncing, launch Internet Sharing on my phone and push connect. Within seconds I am on the Internet and working. I really not sure how that qualifies as difficult. I can still place calls and use the Internet. I've done similar things with my BlackBerry and I have even used my Windows Mobile device with Linux .

There is a PDF about their product here. It is a centrally managed solution either at the carrier or the Enterprise level. From what I have read TapRoot is only going to sell to the carriers who will the resell the service to their clients. This might be a product to watch.

On the other hand I'll probably stick to using my USB cable, I always keep one around.

I did change the original title as it was based on my initial reaction to the article and that changed after doing some further reading about the product.

Be safe