Monday, March 3, 2008

RSA peer to peer facilitator

I am proud to announce (and a bit ashamed for waiting so long to do so) that my submission to facilitate a peer to peer discussion was accepted and I will be facilitating my session on Thursday April 10th at 3:50 PM. If you are going to attend RSA please take a look at my session and sign up.
There is a possibility that it could be given a second time, but only if enough people sign up for the session.

Title: Pop Culture Security Awareness: Finding Security in Media, News and Books

Overview - The discussion will focus on making security awareness training more relevant by relating it to pop culture references not specifically grounded in the computer industry. The session will encourage participants to pick out and discuss the merits of these examples and use the examples to improve communications with non technical and limited technical audiences.

So if this sounds interesting to you and you are attending please sign up. I know there are still seats available. The session is running against a couple of Key Note sessions and I know that the other session at the time is already full.

I do plan on keeping this light and fun, but it does have the potential for creating some serious impact for your organization.

I am going allow feedback on this entry so let me know what you think.

Be safe.


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