Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Palo Alto Firewall Management address

I have been working with Palo Alto Networks firewalls exclusively over the last 6 months or so and wanted to start a series of postings regarding how to make changes at the command line
The first step in configuring a PAN is to configure the management address.
The firewall comes configured with configured and you can connect to the management interface from your PC if you are on that subnet and the address is not in use or by changing your system IP.
The other way is to connect using the console connection with the provided serial to rj45 cable (hopefully you have a USB to serial adapter) - standard 9600/8/none/1
login to the system
type configure
hit enter
type set deviceconfig system ip-address netmask default-gateway
*replace the addresses above with the IPs you want to assign*
hit enter
type commit
hit enter
That will commit the configuration to the device. This will take a moment or two to complete
This same command can be issued via SSH to change the management IP at a later time, though it will cause your SSH session to disconnect.
Hope that helps someone
Be safe out there

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Julien said...

Thanks, it saved me lot of trouble :)