Tuesday, September 7, 2010

CyberRAID 0 and Security BSides KC call for volunteers

:Event Information
The KC Infragard is hosting a two day cyber event pitting systems/security professionals against each other in a live cyber battle on a simulated commercial network. Systems administrators will be responsible for managing and protecting a "commercial" network from a live cyber attack, something they may not see on their own networks. Since the exercise is hosted on a private managed network that is not connected to the internet, production data and systems are not at any risk.

Not only will participants get a chance to test their knowledge and preparedness for securing an operational environment while under a live attack, they will also get the opportunity to see how other teams handled similar circumstances. This provides real world data and a solid understanding of best practices that can be implemented in their own organizations. At the end of the exercise participants will know the strengths and weaknesses of their people, processes, policies and technologies. This valuable exercise provides an outreach and education opportunity for our community to take home a greater understanding on how they should be protecting their own networks.

If you are interested in playing, there is still time to sign up, see more information at http://www.cyber-raid.com.

:Volunteer Positions
We have a few volunteer positions that we need help filling:
Registration - 2 People needed (2 hr shift the mornings of both Thursday and Friday)
  • Responsible for checking in participants and handing out participant badge

Greeters - 3 People needed (2 hr shift the mornings of both Thursday and Friday

  • Responsible for standing in conspicuous places in hotel, ensuring that guests can find their way to the event

Staffers - 4 People Needed (Full/Half day shifts)

  • Responsible for event details, interacting with hotel, enforcing rules, answering general questions, etc

If you are interested in being a volunteer, please contact me via twitter, email (genesiswaveatgmaildotcom) or comment on the blog and I will get you on the list.

While we still have seats available, we have enough players to ensure a fun, engaging, and successful event. However if you have coworkers, friends or other contacts that you think would enjoy this event, please help spread the word.

:Security BSidesKC
The CyberRAID event will be held in concert with the B-Sides Security Conference. The B-Sides has finalized their speaker selection, If you have not already visited the BSidesKC page, I encourage you to do so.

:Follow us on Twitter
As the event approaches, the most current up-to-date information can be found on the CyberRAID Twitter feed. (@CyberRAIDKC)

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