Tuesday, July 27, 2010

CYOA - Las Vegas - part one

Others my age probably remember the choose your own adventure books from the early to mid eighties. I recall them being a big obsession of myself and my classmates. I remember trying to write some of those stories then but not having much success because I would always leave options hanging because I would go down one path and forget about the others.
With that in mind I am going to present my week in Las Vegas for Black Hat, Def Con and B-Sides in a choose your own adventure style. However just like when I was younger I will only be following one path but I will be showing you the choices along the way that I am presented with. Some will be pretty silly (stay in bed v. get up) while others will be difficult (choosing between sessions where friends are presenting against each other) and a few decisions that have been made for me (I am proctoring talks at Black Hat, presenting at Def Con, and working SkyTalks)
If you are in Las Vegas for Black Hat, Def Con or B-Sides, hit me up via Twitter @n0b0d4 and we can try to make you part of my adventure this year.

So the first choice
Do you want to fly?
Do you want to drive?
Do you want to ride the train?
Would you rather stay home this year?

I choose fly

After packing and then repacking because your first bag experiences zipper failure, you get to bed late because your air conditioner freezes up and its 85 degrees in the house. You then get up super early to fly through Denver to Las Vegas

Do you rent a car?
Do you grab a cab?
Do you take the shuttle?
Do you walk to your hotel?

To be continued

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