Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Hey PayPal

Johnny Long and Hackers of Charity are having problems with their PayPal account.
It appears that there has been a screw up at some point along the way of the processing of HFC account and it is now shutdown/locked/frozen.
Johnny and his family were relying on that money to survive. It is expensive and time consuming for him to call and then he is told to that phone support can't help him and that he should use the e-mail service to resolve the issue.
PayPal support requests that you use their e-mail contact service when you are having a serious problem like this.
If any of my readers or family members of my readers or friends of my readers who have contacts at PayPal, could you point them to Johnny's post and see what they can do.
Hmm I wonder how hard Google Check Out would have made this situation? I wonder what my bank would have done?
If you can, please help.
Be safe out there

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