Friday, August 29, 2008

Juniper SSL VPN and Firefox on Windows whitepage work around

My company does a lot work with Juniper SSL implemenations.

There has been some odd behavior in Firefox on Windows machines when connecting to Juniper SSL VPN. Immediately after login users are taken to a blank white page. The URL of the page contains data/home/starter0.cgi?check=yes . The page you should be redirected to includes data/home/starter.cgi?check=yes.

Juniper’s suggested work around is to go back to the sign in screen and login again or to remove the 0 from between starter and .cgi. Both are manual solutions, wouldn’t it be easier to have an automatic solution.

Well here it is.

Download the Firefox add on Redirector -

After installation you will need to restart Firefox

Open Redirector by right clicking on the R in the status bar in Firefox

Click Add…

The Example url is the full url you get stuck on i.e.

The Include Pattern is*

Redirect to is

Set the Pattern Type to Wildcard and click Test pattern

You should get a message that indicates that the pattern matches. If not go back and check your typing.

Click Ok

Click Close

Go back and log in again. You should go right past the page you were getting stuck at previously.

Be safe