Friday, June 13, 2008

What don't your users understand and help explaining it to them

Do you know what your users are confused about?

Do you know which acronyms you use that they are confused about?

Are you not sure how to explain a topic to your user community?

Michael Santarcangelo and I started a new podcast series in May based on the peer to peer session I facilitated at RSA Conference 2008 entitled "Pop Culture Security Awareness; finding security in the movies, TV, and other media." The premise is to use pop culture references to explain more complex topics in a way that connects you to your users and provides them with greater understanding.

Michael and I want to bring this to a larger audience and here is how you can help us. We would like to know what questions are coming up for you that you would like a clearer way of explaining. Please send your feedback to Better yet call our feedback number at