Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wow, I'm on a podcast

Michael Santarcangelo invited me to take part in the May 2008 Security Roundtable discussing the RSA Conference. I was honored to be asked and got a chance to participate with some of my fellow attendees:

Dr. Anton Chauvakin |

Jennifer Leggio |

Martin McKeay |

Michael Santarcangelo |

We had a great time recording and could have probably gone on for quite a bit longer about the experiences we all had. The podcast is about an hour and we hope you enjoy it. Please provide feedback here, I am interested to know what you thought.

I was using a SnoBall microphone from BlueMic and thought the performance was very good.

I also have to apologize again for not posting in over a month.
I had a fairly lengthy post on my experience at the RSA conference and the surrounding events, and failed to post it. Then I started a new job which has taken up quite a bit of my thought cycles.
Hopefully I will get back to a regular posting cycle now.

Go out and be safer


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